Smarter collaboration that leads to innovation and profitability.

Most key business decisions that impact innovation and growth hinge on collective financial insights and collaboration.

Path is a financial collaboration platform that is everything your team needs to get faster, smarter and more agile at innovating and growing your business.


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Path enables smarter connections to a comprehensive suite of secure, collaborative
tools — enabling real-time productivity to empower businesses and work innovation:
it’s simply the best integrated source of truth to collaborate faster and simpler. Leading to
an organization that aims to defy boundaries and disrupt the marketplaces by tackling
issues in new and exciting ways.

access an integrated source of truth

Path currently integrates with QuickBooks Online to give you real-time data in seconds. Use Path to make the connection between your QuickBooks Data and the people and decisions that impact it.

drive productivity within teams

Keeping your team informed of how they directly impact your business boosts morale and productivity. With Path, connect your team to their data and give them credit for their part in making your business successful.


Path more than just a communication and productivity app. It helps break down real
time barriers and pain points relating to finance, leading to highly productive
conversations, discussions and smarter collaboration to help efficiently manage and
inspire staff and projects that unleash transformation.

Share Information in Real-Time

Because Path is built like an internal social media platform, you can share information, documents, calculations, and ideas in seconds. Distribute information to your entire team with ease.

Inspire Your Team

Have discussions centered around financial calculations, business research, or future plans all in one place. Attach documents, websites, and pictures to really support your ideas.


Path is a virtual gathering place that empowers smarter communication, which
enables staff to share with openness and trust, while harnessing the power of
engagement, creating a collaborative and innovative workplace staffed by employees and advisors who operate at a high level of satisfaction - while driving the exponential growth of your business.

Analyze Data securely

Path analyzes your financial statements for you and discovers pitfalls and hidden opportunities in your business. The analysis allows you to see your business in a different way and make informed decisions.

Make Informed Decisions

By having your data, conversations, and team in one place, you have all the information you need to make sound business decisions. And, you can always refer back to previous conversations to remind yourself what worked and what didn't.

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