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Simplex Financials, Inc


We are a technology company focused on helping business owners overcome their financial challenges, as well as informing advisors of how their clients are performing.

our mission

Our mission is to connect advisors and business owners with what they need right now to make their dreams a reality. We are nimble and agile group of SMEs empowered to bring products to market quickly, without making reactionary counter-productive decisions.

OUR vision

To develop a financial platform that collects raw financial data and with the development of software gains the insight and identify opportunities for business growth. Thus, empowering the business owner to turn their dreams into reality.

our core values

We value simple over complex, so get to the point, and be accurate every time. If someone makes a mistake, assume the best first, because ideas are better shared and it’s not impossible when you put in the work – and doing the impossible is fun.

our value proposition

We create software and educational products that help small business owners identify and overcome financial challenges.

Our Timeline