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Path by Simplex

for Accounting Professionals

Analyze your clients' data more effectively, so you can focus on providing sound advice and advisory services to your clients.
Save Time with Automation

By automating calculations to run based on current numbers in QuickBooks Online, you no longer have to export reports, conduct the calculation, and send the report to your client. Set up the calculation once and watch the numbers update!

Share Pieces of Information

How often does your client read the giant report you give them? With Path, you can segment information and only show your client what is important to them. Specific data points from QuickBooks, certain features in Path, and different Bookmarks that you create can be turned on and off for your clients.

Communicate Consistently

Path is accessible 24/7 from your desktop or your phone. This makes it easy to communicate with your client at any time. Plus, Path is built like a social media platform so it is easy to navigate. Find information and conversations easily to keep the dialogue open.

Move to Advisory Services

Path allows you to analyze the health of the business at a quick glance so you can provide your own input and guide your clients on the right path to business success. See data before it becomes outdated so decisions can be made effectively.

Manage Multiple Clients

Path allows you to switch between clients quickly and easily. Add all of your clients to Path and take care of necessary tasks for each in a timely manner.

Increase Services Offered

With features like Business Snapshot and Industry Comparison, you can easily add services to your list of offerings - without adding more work!

Path by Simplex

See Path in Action

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can help you provide advisory services for your clients.

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Path by Simplex currently integrates with QuickBooks Online and is highly rated in the QuickBooks App store, check it out!

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Martha Yasso

Yasso bookkeeping solutions
"I'm loving Path by Simplex! Path is a powerful, small business advisory app. It's Milestone timeline helps me easily see the big picture. Totally clarifies their cash and business story!"

Kimberly Noh

Owner of Noh Hassle Bookkeeping
"This is just what my practice needed. We can take the turn to become full service once again. Great product highly recommend."

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There is a countless amount of research that explains how stress in the working class has increased over the last few years – especially with Accountants.

Manage More clients

Client management encompasses all aspects of a client relationship including discovering their needs, creating a plan to meet those needs, and the ongoing execution of service.

Life is a balancing act

Trying to balance a full work week, your family, and your mental health can seem impossible; especially with technology allowing employees to be more accessible and the new work from home company culture.