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essential tools for:

accountants, advisors, & bookkeepers


Today’s small-business owner expects a lot from their advisors. Believe it or not, they expect you to be the expert in the relationship.

That means taking a leadership role, as the expert and delivering solutions and ideas your clients can use.

Become a Trusted Advisor

Establish a trust-based relationship with your clients and be viewed as a source of valuable advice with Path. Path allows you to demonstrate and prove trustworthiness to your clients by having the ability to diagnose their financial challenges with just a few clicks.

Power of your Entire Portfolio in your Pocket

All of your clients data is at your fingertips with the Path mobile app. Quickly access any information from any client wherever you are! With Path, you can manage multiple clients from a single platform. Respond to client's request in a timely manner and always have the answers to their questions.

Enhance Client Relationships

Become a critical component of the team by engaging with your clients on a daily basis. With the Bridge you are included on all the chatter that happens in a business. Be as involved or uninvolved as you need to be, but always be up to date on important client topics.

Deliver Actionable Information

With lots of clients and lots of requests, the To-Do List can be a friendly reminder of the commitments you have made and the actions your clients need to focus on. Assign tasks to your clients so they know which direction to take their business. Look like a star for your clients by never dropping the ball on the things they need from you.

Provide Sound Financial Direction

With automated financial calculations and instant notifications, Path allows you to quickly analyze a problem and provide your clients with a solution. All the information, documents, and data you need are housed in Path and easily accessible so you can get to the root of the problem quicker and provide sound financial direction. 

Grow your Client Base

Add more clients and delight your existing clients by adding automated advisory services to your list of offerings, without adding resources or wasting time. Instant analysis delivered the way you want, when you want, to get your client's attention. Use our library of calculations or create your own formulas.

Path currently integrates with QuickBooks® Online (Xero and Sage coming soon). Path will read the information in your QuickBooks® Online account so you can create custom calculations and receive financial analysis. 

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