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Accountants ● Advisors ● Bookkeepers

We know you have a lot of clients and we want to reward you for using Path.

For every client you add after your first 3, you will receive $25.

Step 1

Purchase the "Trusted Advisor" Plan in Path

Use code 99VIP and receive the Trusted Advisor Plan for $99/per month for life!
Step 2

Add your 4th client to Path

Receive $25* cash per client thereafter with no limits.


* Clients must connect their QuickBooks files to Path by Simplex.
All subject to change at the discretion of Simplex Financials, Inc.

Payment will be processed on a monthly basis, for example, during the month of March you added clients 4, 5, and 6. On or before April 10th, you will receive $75 for clients added during March.