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 business owners

Running a small business can make you feel like you are all alone. Everything falls on your shoulders and there never seems to be enough time. 

To break through, you have to organize your team to think, communicate and act as a single unit. With Path, your team and data are in one place.

Organize Mountains of Data

Your financial data can sometimes be overwhelming. With Path, you can organize that data anyway you want. Create custom dashboards in Bookmarks, automate financial calculations, and distribute information to the appropriate team members all with just a few clicks. Organize your data to be trusted and business-ready for your journey. 
Catalog, protect, manage, and access data across multiple sources. 

Take Control of your Business

Implement regular feedback and communication with your team, assign clear responsibilities and accountabilities, solve problems as they arise, and define tasks, processes, and knowledge bases all in one place. With Path's mobile app, you can take control of your business from anywhere.

Make Sound Decisions

With Milestones, you can track critical events in your business' life which can help you make decisions in the future. Keep track of anything you deem important in Milestones and attach all documentation. That way, if you run across a similar event or issue in the future, you have all the information you need.

Mitigate Risk

Path will analyze your data, provide recommendations, and help you chart a path to success. By keeping track of events and their impact on your business, Path helps you avoid potential pitfalls, enhance opportunities, and reduce threats that will affect your bottom-line. 

Uncover Hidden Opportunities

Be alerted to hidden cash opportunities that exist in your business and formulate a plan to capture this windfall for you and your business. Stop spending time creating spreadsheets or trying to understand complicated financial analysis. Have instant access to our library of simple to understand ratios, or create ones that are specific to your business using your own data and labels.

Collaborate with your Entire Team

No need to check 10 places to find out what is going on in your business. Just open up the Path app and scroll The Bridge. The Bridge allows you to share documents, files, pictures, and videos right to the feed for everyone to see. It is the one stop shop to targeted communication with your team. 

Path currently integrates with QuickBooks® Online (Xero and Sage coming soon). Path will read the information in your QuickBooks® Online account so you can create custom calculations and receive financial analysis. 

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