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Welcome to Simplex Financials, Inc.

Our company goal is to help business owners, advisors, leaders, and employees
collaborate in real-time to make easier, faster, and reliable strategic decisions
to become more agile in growth and profitability.


Welcome - Thank you for your time

  • Introduction - Get to know each other. 
  • Background in the accounting and technology field.
  • Why did we build Path by Simplex?
  • Your feedback is important to our Development and Management Team.

Product Demonstration 

  • Translate business information and financial data.
  • Collaborate on information with Team and Advisors.
  • Innovate with informed business decisions with growth in mind.

Your Feedback

  • Short Survey
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Product Demonstration

Communicate and collaborate with your team in real-time with an internal social media feed.

Create, assign, and track tasks for yourself and the business. Attach due dates to your tasks so you and your team are on the same page.

Organize important information so you can easily go back to it.

Keep track of critical company and personal events that impact your business.

Create calculations specific to your business. Automate and generate calculations to run on a scheduled basis. Our behind the scene CFO analyzes insight into actual data.

Compare your financial metrics to competitors in your industry and set goals accordingly. 

Track money in-n-out of your business. Create tasks to ensure timely payables and receivables. 

Identify and increase company value through Milestones and "what if" scenarios.