Path provides the financial knowledge you need to thrive in business.

✓ Make informed, data-driven decisions

✓ Feel confident in your business’s direction

✓ Have more time for critical business functions

✓ Provide a clear picture of the business for yourself and your team


If you are unsure what your financial statements are really telling you and if your team is not on the same page, your business could suffer. That is why it is crucial for your entire business to be connected.

Accounting Software

Path currently integrates with QuickBooks Online to give you real-time data in seconds. Use Path to make the connection between your QuickBooks Data and the people and decisions that impact it.


Keeping your team informed of how they directly impact your business boosts morale and productivity. With Path, connect your team to their data and give them credit for their part in making your business successful.


Breaking down siloes and keeping everybody informed of what is happening in the business is important to creating a profitable business.

Share Information in Real-Time

Because Path is built like an internal social media platform, you can share information, documents, calculations, and ideas in seconds. Distribute information to your entire team with ease.

Inspire Your Team

Have discussions centered around financial calculations, business research, or future plans all in one place. Attach documents, websites, and pictures to really support your ideas.


Everybody wants to have a successful business. You want to bring in money every month and have a team that is working with you to achieve your goals.

Analyze Data

Path analyzes your financial statements for you and discovers pitfalls and hidden opportunities in your business. The analysis allows you to see your business in a different way and make informed decisions.

Make Informed Decisions

By having your data, conversations, and team in one place, you have all the information you need to make sound business decisions. And, you can always refer back to previous conversations to remind yourself what worked and what didn't.

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With access to Path, you start seeing the power of all of your information and workflow in one place.


What clients say



Our financial collaboration platform is the first of its kind. Path is designed to help business leaders tell the whole story of what is happening inside the company. We all know that financial statements only tell you part of what’s going on. We help you fill in the gaps so everyone in the company understands what happened in the past to positively shape the business’s future. Path gives your team the environment to combine the numbers with context so you can accelerate accurate decision making.


We use two-factor and secure authentication to protect unauthorized access to your data. Our enterprise servers' communication and web traffic are both encrypted as you access your information. Enterprise-level security protects us from hacking and denial of service attacks with real-time security analysis and continuous security checks, including security inspection and access analysis. We implement PCI DSS Compliance security beyond the firewalls. Since it’s your information and our reputation, we take security seriously.


With our data slicing technology, you can select who sees any particular piece of data. That means if you want to show your marketing assistant how much she spent on Facebook ads this month, you can give her access to solely the expense account for this type of campaign. You (the admin user) are in total control of all data in your Path account. That way you can be confident that all sensitive data is protected, while eliminating the time-consuming task of transferring data to spreadsheets and presentations.


Great question. First of all, your team will perform better when they understand how the tasks they complete on a daily basis contribute to the success of the company. Secondly, you are probably already sharing portions of your information with your employees but are having to manually extract it from other data sources to protect your sensitive information (like bank account balances). Path automatically partitions all the data for you, so you can give a team member the set of information you want him to see and nothing more.


Yes, anyone who wants to use Path with multiple companies will enjoy a significant volume discount. Our simple “pay for what you use” program gives you our lowest price, for the best version of our product. You only pay for the companies you connect and the more you connect, the less you pay per company. Use it with your whole accounting practice for a ridiculously low monthly fee.

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