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✓ Organize mountains of data

✓ Take control of your business

✓ Make sound decisions

✓ Uncover hidden

Accountants, advisors, bookkeepers

✓ Become a trusted advisor

✓ Enhance client relationships

✓ Deliver actionable information

✓ Provide sound financial direction


The Bridge

Improve Team Communications

Simple yet powerful. The Bridge is your company's social hub for interconnectivity, think of it like Facebook for your business. Stop searching through email, text and instant messages for a piece of information. The Bridge keeps all of your focused discussions in one easy to search place. Share relevant resources, articles, Data Mash calculations or pertinent information with the entire company. 

  • Share financial and non - financial information to the people that matter 
  • Post company announcements and vital business information 
  • See what's going on with your company at a glance, whether it be in Accounting, Marketing, Sales, etc. 


Organize Mountains of Information

Bookmarks is where you save, collect, and organize your pages. Use Bookmarks to organize your businesses' pages so that you can easily refer back to the items that matter most to you. Just Bookmark any post, calculation, video, file; anything you think is important to track.

  • Create and save information to pages that Path bookmarks for you
    Share Bookmarks with members of your team to keep them in the loop
    Save any post from The Bridge to your pages in Bookmarks


Document Your Business’ History and Employee’s Impact

Milestones are critical events in your company’s life that impact the future. Use them to mark the events that made a difference, whether it was a great success or a failure you don’t want to repeat. 

  • See how critical events in your business past and present will affect the future
    Track each character in your company's data story
    Your virtual file cabinet for your businesses' key events
    Keep track of individual events as well as company events

To - Do List

Organize and Prioritize Business Tasks

When you are moving fast, running your business, and directing your team, action items are almost a given. Path allows you to quickly add items that you are working on. Keep track of how you are contributing to the company's goals and objectives.

  • See a clear outline of your completed and in progress tasks 
  • Stay organized 
  • Stay focused 


Data Mash

Conduct Unique Calculations

Your custom calculator for financial analysis. Data is gathered from your accounting software and integrated to create custom calculations, graphs, charts, or discussions.  Calculations use real - time information and you have the ability to add values that are not in your accounting software. Compare your data to industry averages or set your own goals. 

  • Quickly and accurately create any calculation or comparison you want 
  • Use real - time data to uncover new opportunities for growth and profit 
  • Share specific data with specific members of your team or your advisor


Industry comparisons

See How You Stack Up to Others in Your Industry 

Compare your calculations to industry averages. Path utilizes Data contained in RMA’s Annual Statement Studies® under a non-exclusive license granted by RMA.  

  • Set goals for your business
  • Track progress over time
  • Create custom benchmarks to determine whether you are on par to industry standards


Manage Money In and Out of Your Business

The Business Impact Center will show you the impact your business makes in the community. See your business from a bird’s eye view and take note of where your customers and vendors are located. At a glance, get a visual representation of your accounts receivable and accounts payable.

  • Look for growth opportunities or areas of concentration
    Keep track of your money coming in and money coming out


Know and Understand the Value of Your Business

See the estimated value of your business. Snapshot shows you how critical events impact the value of your business. Quickly analyze which exit - strategy you should follow with the earnings approach and what if scenarios. 

  • See how events impact your value 
  • Forecast your exit strategy 
  • Watch your business grow 

business Analysis

See your Business Through the Eyes of a Banker

Understand your cash and profitability positions and how they compare to the industry average or any number you want to compare your business to. Automate your analysis with Path. 

  • Get real - time alerts about areas of improvement 
  • Compare to industry averages 
  • Automate your financial analysis

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