Real-Time Solutions for 

Real-Time Business

Path, the financial collaboration platform built to bridge the gap between your team, your data, and your inspiration so you can make quick decisions that enhance your business.

Path is a Collaborative Work Management Platform

Provide employees a unified and central platform to easily share business data, documents, and discussions.


Expert Financial Solution

  • Understand Cash and Profitability
  • Compare to Industry Average
  • Automate Your Analysis

data mash

Create Custom Calculations

  • Use Live Data
  • Any Calculation or Comparison You Want
  • Use Data to Communicate


Map Critical Events

  • Tell Your Story
  • Shape Your Tomorrow
  • Learn From the Past

The Bridge

Connect With Your Team

  • All Team Members Can Use
  • Topic - Focused Discussions
  • Bite - Sized Content


Build a Dashboard

  • Unlimited Configurations
  • More Than Financials
  • Static or Dynamic Data

Impact center

Cash Flow Meets the Road

  • Understand Customer and Vendor Transactions
  • Bird's Eye View of Business
  • See Growth Opportunities


Understand Business Value

  • See how events impact your value 
  •  Forecast your exit strategy
  •  Watch your business grow 

To - Do list

Organize Your Team

  • Assign Tasks 
  • Stay organized 
  •  Stay focused

Path currently integrates with QuickBooks® Online (Xero and Sage coming soon). Path will read the information in your QuickBooks® Online account so you can create custom calculations and receive financial analysis. 

Small business owners

✓ Organize mountains of data

✓ Take control of your business

✓ Make sound decisions

✓ Uncover hidden opportunities 

✓ Collaborate with entire team

Accountants, advisors, bookkeepers

✓ Become a trusted advisor

✓ Power of your entire portfolio in your pocket

✓ Enhance client relationships

✓ Deliver actionable information

✓ Provide sound financial direction

✓ Grow your client base

Simplex Financials clients are small business owners, who are pre-CFO and the financial professional seeking additional tools to become a "Trusted Business Advisor."

“Looking at the lifecycle of a company as the path that it follows, we observed that most organizations thrive when they have a successful, data-driven social dynamic among key employees and other relevant stakeholders.”

- Robert J. Chandler, Chairman and CEO of Simplex Financials.