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Who is behind Simplex Financials, Inc 

and why should I care?

By: Jessica Rickard | October 20, 2020

If this your first time here, you are probably wondering who we are and how we came to exist. Well strap in, because if 2020 wasn’t unbelievable enough, this story is. Let’s start with the basics, Simplex Financials was founded by Robert J. Chandler and Mike Milan, two of the most influential people in the accounting and small business world. If there is anybody you want in your corner when dealing with your business or your accounting firm, it’s these guys. Now let me tell you why.

Robert J. Chandler, Accounting Technology Visionary 

Robert J. Chandler is most notably known for his work in cloud computing in the accounting vertical. For more than 20 years he has paved the way for new and improved business functionality and allowed businesses to thrive in their unique purpose. 

 With industry expertise, leadership, and a desire to create excellence in accounting, Robert J. Chandler founded Cloudnine Realtime – a cloud hosting application that gives your business a way to instantly increase capacity and add capabilities without a large investment in new infrastructure. Cloudnine Realtime has received many awards: 

Voted “Best Hosting Company” by the CPA Practice Advisor 

Recipient of the UP 2012 Award 

Recipient of the 2013 Sleeter Awesome App 

Recipient of the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies Award 

Named the K2 Quality Award winner for Best Cloud Provider 

Robert J. Chandler worked for Cloudnine Realtime for 18 years and decided to hang up his hat and retire. Not before receiving his own awards of course, Robert J. Chandler has received the SMB Influencer Award and is a several time recipient of the Top 40 Under 40 Executive award.

Robert’s mission was completed when Cloudnine was acquired by Providence Equity in February in 2017. 

Of course, he didn’t stay retired, or we wouldn’t be here. But we will get to that later. Robert J. Chandler met Mike Milan in 2013 at an accounting conference in San Antonio and built a friendship (more about that later). 

Mike “CashFlow Mike” Milan 

After 7 years of being a State Trooper, Mike Milan earned his nickname of “Cash Flow Mike” in the finance and startup world. He has developed over 10 startups into well-established businesses and provided business financial training to thousands of bankers, accountants, and small business owners. 

Mike has conceptualized, implemented, and optimized sales and marketing strategies for different companies in multiple industries and provided financial training to many more. After a long stint creating financial software for bankers, accountants, and small business owners, Mike created Elevate Financial Training – an educational service for business owners and advisors to better understand their financial data. 

 Mike is an expert when it comes to maximizing cash in your business. As part of his role at Elevate Financial Training, he created the Clear Path to Cash training course designed to help small business owners understand the story their financial statements are telling them. Mike has also authored two books, “Don’t be a D.U.M.B. Business Owner” and “The Seven Minute Conversation.” All pieces that help business owners and their advisors interpret financial data and use that data to maximize cash opportunities in their business. 

 After establishing a client base at Elevate Financial Training, Mike’s next big move was to sell Elevate to a new company, Simplex Financials – a company that he co-founded with Robert J. Chandler. The reason for this move was to combine education and software to help business owners tell their entire data story. 

From Facebook with Love 

Like I mentioned, these two gentlemen from two completely different places met at an accounting conference in San Antonio, Tx – of all places. Like all friendships in the 21st century, they added each other on Facebook. A couple years went by and they kept in touch about as much as anybody else on your friends list that you met at a conference. Mike wanted to organize his friends list on Facebook. For months, he tried to move people who he had a business relationship with to his business page, Cash Flow Mike. After several notices, he began to delete people whom he thought he had a business relationship with from his personal page. Since it had been about two years since Mike and Robert had spoken, Robert didn’t make the cut. Well, Robert noticed, and he called Mike out. On a phone call that was originally about deleting him on Facebook, Robert and Mike started chatting about how they both thought they could help small businesses. 

After a couple more conversations, they decided to go into business together. Robert came out of retirement and Mike shifted gears and together they created Simplex Financials, Inc. Their first big project together: the world’s first-ever Social Financial platform, Snopsis. 

 Now, I’ve talked about Social Financial before, but if you missed that, check it out here. I mentioned before that if there was anybody you wanted in your corner when it comes to your business or accounting firm, it was these two. Do you believe me yet? With their combined knowledge, Robert and Mike have developed a platform that will help small businesses with some of their major pain points. Snopsis will analyze financial data and help companies make strategic financial decisions by connecting all the details in their company's data story. 

Robert and Mike have seen what it takes to build and maintain successful businesses – heck they even teach others how to make their business more successful. These two teaming up to build something that nobody has ever seen before is exactly what the business world needed in 2020. Be on the look out for Snopsis to be released to the public at the end of this year.