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Path is an easy to use collaboration dashboard that integrates with QuickBooks Online® so you
can create customized dashboards, metrics, and KPI's for businesses to collaborate more effectively. 

Path by Simplex is not an accounting platform

Accounting Platforms, like QuickBooks Online®, allow you to report and track the financial side of your business.

Path by simplex is a collaboration dashboard

Path integrates with QuickBooks Online® to bring you custom KPI’s, metrics, calculations, and a place to collaborate on all business decisions.

Want to see Path in action

The Bridge

The Communications Hub - Where everyone meets and and collaborates. 


One Location for All Business Discussions

The Timeline keeps all of your focused discussions in one easy to search place. Share relevant resources, articles, calculations, goals, Milestones, or any other information with your entire team.


Detailed History of the Entire Business

Keep track of critical events throughout the life of the business and use this information to make sound decisions in the future.

to-do list

Organize and Prioritize Business Tasks

Create tasks for yourself or others on your team and assign a due date. This keeps everyone on the same page and prioritizing the correct tasks.

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Custom Dashboard

You can create your own KPI's and Bookmark for frequent use.


Create Custom Metrics & Calculations

Data Mash is Path’s built-in calculator that allows you to use real-time data from QuickBooks Online® to create custom calculations, metrics, and KPI’s.


Custom Dashboards Built for your Business

Create Bookmarks to share information with members of your team and keep important information organized and up to date.

Industry comparison

Compare the Business to Others in the Industry

Compare business metrics to others in similar industries and keep track of how you stack up to others. Path utilizes data contained in the RMA’s Annual Statement Studies ® under a non-exclusive license granted by RMA.


Money In & Money Out

Keep track of payments in and out of your business so you always have an idea of how much you owe and how much your customers owe.


Business Value Made Easy

Path utilizes the Earnings Approach to create an estimated Snap Value of your business. You can also take advantage of the What-If Scenarios to help with business decisions.

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Easy to Implement

You can have meaningful conversations with financial and
non-financial data and make data-driven business decisions in one place.


Path by Simplex integrates with your QuickBooks Online account and allows you to input User Created Options to use in calculations.


A combination of behind the scenes analysis, advisor feedback, and team discussions gives you insight into every aspect of the business.


Automate metrics and have consistent discussions with your team so everyone has all the information they need to make business decisions.