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Accountant Accountability from Home 

By: Jessica Rickard | June 16, 2021

We all know that the world is different now – the pandemic changed how we do everything. How we celebrate birthdays, how we eat out, how we shop (let’s be honest we all have spent way too much time on amazon lately), and especially how we work. It is almost impossible to go to an office with 12 other people and work a full 8-hour day.

The last year has been an impactful one for sure, but there is still work to be done. Let’s talk about how you can maximize your time and your efficiency from home as an accountant.

Be Available
This seems to be a ‘no-duh’ tip but it is important! When working form home you can get stuck in the rut of your home office (or if you’re like me…the couch) You get into a groove and totally forget to check in with your team or even your clients. That is why it is important to be available on multiple channels.

Have your email open, your phone volume up and your chat window open! Working form home can often get lonely and you feel like you are doing work all by yourself, but that is not the case. Use multiple channels to stay in the loop with what everybody is doing and make sure you are checking in on a consistent basis. (I say multiple platforms here to be objective..but my shameless plug is that you can totally collaborate with your team and your clients in one place if you use Path by Simplex.) 

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Create a Schedule and Stick to it
In a previous blog, I talk about how you should create detailed tasks so you can maximize productivity. And here I am saying it again! Create your to-do list with as much detail as you can and then prioritize tasks that you can get done quickly or have an upcoming due date.

Likewise, you shouldn’t waste your time. There are some people who overcommunicate when working from home – and this isn’t a bad thing. But, that email thread that stopped being relevant 6 emails ago? Yeah, you don’t have to respond to that or even read it until you have some down time.

And on the topic of time, don’t work 24/7 just because you are at home! Stick to your schedule. If your office hours are 8-5, then be available for work from 8-5. Many people think working from home means you are working at all times and this is not true. If you do that, you will get burnt out so quick and your home life will suffer.

Leverage Technology
The pandemic has created a multitude of platforms that make it easier to work from a distance – use them! Any issue you are having can probably be solved by some form of technology out there, you just have to look for it. It can also help to integrate your different software. This will keep everything integrated and in one easy to find place.

Like I mentioned, working from home is all about balance. This means taking a break from the screens if you need to and spending some time outside. I know we all get comfortable in our dark corner of the house, but sunlight really is good for you. And make sure you are eating and drinking plenty of water. I am so guilty of this. You start working on something and become so into it that you look up and 4 hours have gone by and you missed lunch. Eat lunch! Your body will thank you and you will be able to focus the rest of the day.

We are all trying to figure out this work from home thing – and when you deal with clients on a daily basis it can be hard. Just don’t be afraid to overcommunicate here. I think most of us would prefer too many emails than not enough. Try out different approaches and tricks and figure out what works best for you. Your home office and my home office will not look the same – and they shouldn’t. Be comfortable, productive, and adaptable – because who knows what is coming up next. 

Jessica Rickard

Jessica Rickard

Marketing Specialist