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Path by Simplex

For Business Owners

Transform your QuickBooks Online data from complicated accounting-speak into the data you actually need to make decisions faster and grow your business.
Organize Data

Reports, notes, conversations, and ideas can be kept in various different places. With Path, you can organize all of that data in one place. Stop searching for hours for an item you need - find it in Path!

View Key Metrics Quickly

With automated calculations and custom dashboards, you can quickly and easily view certain numbers that will tell you the financial health of your business.

Gain More Insight into your Company

Add your accountant or bookkeeper to Path so they can give you more insight into your business. Path will also analyze some financial calculations recommend things you should do next.

Real-Time Communication

Path works like a social media feed so you can immediately communicate with members of your team. Collaborate on projects, provide feedback on ideas, or recommend next steps for the business instantly.

Make Sound Decisions

With input from your team, accurate financial data, and the analysis of business data, you can make decisions that will lead to a more successful business. AND keep track of those decisions so you can continue to make the correct choice.

Collaborate with your Entire Team - or not!

With Path, you have unlimited users so you can add all members of your team. You can also customize permissions and only share pertinent information with the right people.

Path by Simplex

See Path in Action

Watch this short demo to see how Path can help you understand your business data.

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Path by Simplex currently integrates with QuickBooks Online and is highly rated in the QuickBooks App store, check it out!

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