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Yasso Bookkeeping Solutions
Customer Success Story

Company Overview

Martha Yasso is a QuickBooks ProAdvisor and owner of Yasso Bookkeeping.

She frequently speaks to accountants and bookkeepers about how advisory should focus on the connection between client and advisor.

The problem

Martha Yasso works with small businesses in the professional accounting services and general business contracting industries and finds it difficult to keep track of clients data.

Martha Yasso

"I'm loving Path by Simplex! Path is a powerful, small business advisory app. It's Milestone timeline helps we easily see the big picture. I mark the timeline when my client tells me about things like big new clients, machinery purchases, new loans...basically anything important I would put in my notes. I match the milestone info against KPIs and cash flow. Totally clarifies their cash and business story!"

the solution

Martha implemented Path into her business and determined that these features were crucial to solving her problem:

  • Data Mash & Analysis
  • Industry Comparison
  • To-Do List

the result

These features made it easier for Martha to analyze small business financials - at a price point that is reasonable.

With built in analysis and the ability to automate calculations, Path allows you to easily analyze financial statements and provide guidance to your clients. 

industries served

  • Professional Accounting Services
  • General Business Contractors

Path by Simplex

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